A Day at the Park

Dear Momo,

Did you have fun when I took you to the toddler park with your siblings for the first time?


You made quick friends with Bjorn, he kept making faces at you an you were giggling up a storm, it helped me put away the fear that keeps resurfacing whenever one of you tots come into my life.


You and your siblings were all over the little toddler tunnels, I may have panicked a bit in the middle of my conversation with Bjorn when you had started to cry, then I realized you had only scraped your knee. It must have been when you were monkeying around in the tunnels with Cassie, poor baby I know it still hurts a little now but it’ll be better soon I promise.


You were back at it soon after and your brother wanted to go on the little slide they had. Your Nana was walking by and Cassie went running over to give her a hug. We had to go home soon after so you three could take your naps.


I’m sorry for this sudden change in topic but I saw Nancy again, I don’t like how good I’ve gotten at recognizing her from behind, she seems to be everywhere even when Nova and Sirius were your ages she was hanging around. Who does she think shes fooling, running around in sweats and a pair of sunglasses? Shes the only woman I’ve seen around here with that hair color other then Bjorn’s wife, and his daughters.


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