The Letters

It has been so long since I came to live here, with my family, and looking back I can’t be happier about it. If I never came here I never would have had my fathers or five amazing older siblings, not counting all of the bagoto out there around the world. I can say for certain I wouldn’t have gotten to meet my wife or had my sweet little girls if I hadn’t come here, I might not have even been around if we hadn’t came here.

That sounds so depressing honestly, maybe I should change the topic a bit. My Dad Brio gave me a box today filled with letters to us kids, well adults now, I guess he had been writing them for quite awhile. We should get everyone together for a trip down memory lane this weekend.

11-12-17_9-18-39 AM

Most of the others had been busy and couldn’t come today, but Sirius was able to visit us, we sent the kids to the backyard and went to the living room so we could go through the box of letters. He suggested that we go through them at random, at least Cassiopeia wasn’t here she uh prefers reading things in order.

So shall we get started?


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