To Sebastion 2


I perfectly understand that life can get busy, you know how many kids I have, you don’t need to write me back quickly or often.

I can’t say that I ever did have a child that didn’t come to term but thinking about it, what if Vega or one of the twins didn’t, that just sounds like a painful experience. If I didn’t have Vega I might have gone back to how I used to be before her just to prevent the chance of it happening again.

I’m beyond sorry that had happened to you, I also can’t say that I would be drawn to someone who told my kids instead of me what had happened to the kid if I had been in your situation. The idea of them being in danger over a mistake or negligence, I know people make mistakes though. You’re probably a better person then me, I’m not a fan of things or thoughts like that, then again I’m a very paranoid person, whenever I see this woman named Nancy when I’m out with the kids I freak out a little bit.

I never had to even think of the very idea of that kind of loss before, so I’ve dealt with it very poorly since Vega was born. You seem to be dealing with things extremely well, maybe I should take some pointers from you eh?

The kids are all getting hopped up on sugar excited for Halloween to come, I had to convince Nova and Sirius not to sleep in their costumes. I’ll have to take pictures to send to you tomorrow it’ll be fun. The kids want us to get them a spaniel like the one from that Lady and the Tramp movie, though I don’t think we have the room for it we’ll need to wait and see.

How would you feel about a visit? Either you visiting us or us visiting you? I kind of plan to bring all my kids if you feel up for a visit though that might be a bit much.

From Brio.