A New Friend!

Hi Niels! its nice to see someone my age wrote to me,I went ahead and looked at your profile when I got your letter.

Yeah I think your stepdad looks kinda like Sunitor. I don’t really have a favorite Voidcritter since they’re all pretty great in different ways but I do use Veild alot when I play against my brother.

It is so neat that you’re a big brother, Colby is adorable, it kinda stinks being the youngest even though my brother is older by only a few minutes. Vega says older siblings are born first to look after the younger ones that follow. Dad is always looking after my aunts Calliope and Cadenza, they look around Vega’s age, making sure they stay out of the sunlight and stuff so it seems like Vega is right about that.

I kinda want to be a big sibling but my dad looked really uncomfortable when I asked about that. I was thinking about what you said in your profile about Colby, I hope you’ll get along with him when you both get older. Sirius and Me are thick as thieves, well that is what Sean said though he meant best friends.

07-10-17_11-26-52 AM

I don’t play the game you mentioned but I will take a look at it after I finish this letter, I should go now my Dads are taking us out to eat at this place called Cupid Cafe or something.

See, or well email, ya later.


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