Hi Hi Neils,

I probably should have explained better last time about my aunt Calliope and Cadenza, my dad says they have this skin condition that makes it so they can’t go outside without getting really severe burns, they can only go out when its night time so they spar alot at that time. I got to see them spar once when I was staying the night with my grandparents, it looked kinda…I can’t think of the word right now but it was also really cool, Grandpa Alden doesn’t like it when they spar because they get too into it sometimes which results in them almost getting caught by the sunlight. I’ll send you pictures of them at the end of this letter, they’re really pretty, or well thats what my sister’s friend Blair says anyway.

Also I seem to have gotten more then I bargained for when I mentioned wanting to be a big sister, Dad said we’d be getting two new little siblings soon. He said we were getting more siblings due to someone like our mother (me Sirius and Vega) visiting one night, I think it happened the night he went out to meet with our aunts… I’m not so sure I want to be a big sister anymore, the twins are making dad uncomfortable and sick in the morning, and I’m wondering how they got in there in the first place… I’m probably gonna sound like a hypocrite now if I tell you to give it time and you and Colby might get along. Hes still a baby and he does need you.

Aunt Cadenza and Aunt Calliope

Oh hey my Grandpa Alden is in the background of that picture too. Grandpa looks kinda scary but he’s not, not really anyway, not as scary as that one old guy from Midnight Hollow. Grandpa says a lot of odd things sometimes, but he’s still great, he teaches me to how to play the Pipe Organ which is alot like the piano. I’m also learning how to play the violin from my Dad Brio.