Stuff Stuff and More Stuff

Hey Neils!

Guess what? alot has happened since I wrote to you, my dad had the twins and adopted another little girl named Momo, but the big news is we got a dog!

Her name is Penny, my sister moved in with her boyfriend an they got a poodle named Simon. Penny and Simon got a long really, well like so well Penny had to go stay with Vega for a little while, because they had babies!

There is the two girls and a boy named Honey angel an Lemon. I’ll put pictures of the pups with their dad and one with their mom below.

11-10-17_7-12-50 PM11-10-17_7-16-00 PM

Their dad is blue because he was a little sick when that picture was taken. I was wondering would your parents let you have one of them? My dad said we had to find the puppies good homes because Vega can’t keep them all, Lemon is spoken for but Honey and angel are up for grabs.

also those metal finger hats you’re talking about are called thimbles.