To Sebastion

Dear Sebastion,

Hopefully this reaches you before the little babe is born but yes everything you mentioned is completely normal, I don’t know much about the glowing but it didn’t seem like anything bad when I was going through it just very very startling. I never got used to seeing it happen.

I remember feeling ravenous throughout my pregnancies, but then the morning sickness would hit and kill my appetite, for the strangest things too though crushed peas on toast was alright I’d eat that one again.

I honestly couldn’t tell you about the blissful happiness, the circumstances were not exactly the best for getting them.

When I was pregnant with both sets of twins, I tended to um pass out on the floor and probably startled my kids the first time it happened with the younger set, I actually have a picture of that Sean took somewhere.(He only took it after making sure I was okay)

Sebastion I wish I could tell you it didn’t hurt and maybe yours won’t, but I remember clearly, caving in and going to the hospital when I had my kids. That was a experience to be sure…

But given the chance I would do it all over again, the kids are worth it.

I’ll send you pictures of them, I just need to find some, for now have a picture of Momo and Cassie who didn’t want to look at my camera.

Momo reminds me of penguins somereason.