Brio’s Profile


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Name: Brio Cardona

Select your age bracket: 22-37

Desired age of pen pal: Someone who is I guess my age or older would be great.

Vocation: That’s uh… well I’ll answer the the best that I can, I don’t really have a job. I spend most of my time out hunting for collectibles to sell at the flea market and painting to do the same, or when that is not around I try to busk with my guitar, violin, or keyboard. I mean its fun you meet a lot of people but it’s weird, especially at night.

What qualities do you desire in a pen pal?: Someone older then me or maybe someone with knowledge about the supernatural. Someone patient and able to help me talk through things before I get a anxiety attack would be great.

Describe yourself in a few sentences: I’m not to good with these questions I’m not sure how to describe myself to a person.

Edit: I guess I should mention I’m married and have six kids at this point in time?

Hobbies & Interests: I play music a lot and like going to the city with my cousin and sisters to do karaoke, Painting is fun, so are video games, I’m also up for trying any hobbies my penpal suggests.

Would you be interested in meeting your pen pal?: Maybe if I get to know them well enough, and its not too far to get to.

How many pen pals would you like?: I don’t know 1-2? Not sure I have a lot of time for two.

Other comments: I could really use some help here, according to my mom an my aunt I got picked up some time in the twilight hours but I don’t remember this happening, there’s this weird little glow about my stomach every now and then. I would appreciate someone giving a bit of insight, I’m kinda starting to freak out, my aunt managed to snap a picture of that glow I mentioned.

05-31-17_2-23-21 PM

Edit: I should have updated this a while ago but now is as good a time as any. I got a bit of advice about what was going on with the glowing, apparently I was carrying a little one around, an that wasn’t the last time I was in that situation either. If it’s gonna happen again then I guess it’ll happen again. I’ve gotten a bit used to it by now, though its still terrifying those periods where you can’t account for a few hours of time.



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