Nova’s Profile

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Name: Nova Cardona

Select your age bracket: 10-18

Desired age of pen pal: Uhhh I don’t know any age? If you’re a adult my dad wants to write to you first so he can make sure you’re not someone up to no good.

Vocation: My dad told me this means a job so like my stepdad Sean is a cop? I don’t have a job I’m in fifth grade.

What qualities do you desire in a pen pal?: Someone super nice and patient would be great. I don’t really care much about specific traits as long as they aren’t super evil.

Describe yourself in a few sentences: My name is Nova, like one of the stars in the sky. I live in a apartment of the art district in San Myshuno with my dad Brio, my stepdad Sean, my older sister Vega and my brother Sirius. It’s pretty nice sometimes me and Sirius go out collecting voidcritter cards and we get food from the stands.

Hobbies & Interests: I like reading and drawing and music. I also enjoy playing Void Critters, I got a Rare one called Veild from a booster pack once(though my brother got a limited edition foil card.)

Would you be interested in meeting your pen pal?: Maybe if I get enough money to do so, one of my dads would have to come with me.

How many pen pals would you like?: I don’t know 1 for the moment? Not sure what I’d be able to handle right now.

Other comments: Have some pictures!

Here’s my Dad.

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Its Sean!
Officer Sean

Vega, Sirius and Me.

The Kids